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If you can't come to my office, let technology bring me to you.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is the gold standard for effective, reliable, short-term treatment of anxiety disorders. It is based on published protocols that have been validated through repeated clinical trials. Despite this, few therapists truly have the education, experience, familiarity, and committment to provide it to their patients. Many patients have difficulty finding someone who truly 'gets it' within a reasonable distance from home.

In order to meet the public's need for experienced CBT providers, we have begun to use technology to connect to patients. If you have an iPhone, iPad, Droid or a recent model computer with broadband internet access, why not take advantage of its communications abilities?

We believe that cognitive behavioral therapy can be provided without loss of effectiveness by way of Skype. In fact, it is ideal for reaching people with anxiety issues that affect their ability to travel to the office. It also makes therapy more consistent, and probably more effective, for people who are overcommitted, like working moms, and who just don't have the time to visit our offices.

This way of working isn't suitable for everyone, and we can't offer it to every prospective patient. We have to use our best clinical judgement whether it's right for you. Also, there are licensing issues regarding work across state lines. We currently only offer Skype service to patients in New York State and to New York residents who frequently travel for business. This situation may improve in the future.

If you think therapy via Skype might benefit you, please contact us and we'll arrange a free initial consultation to examine the issue and reach a decision.

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