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What is a male perspective on therapy?

Most therapists in our area are women. As a man coming from a blue-collar family in Queens and Long Island, my approach to psychotherapy is different.

I look at people's issues as problems that need to be fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible, and I want to use the most reliable methods available. I want to deal with anxiety and depression with the same practicality I use when I'm dealing with a leaky roof or a short circuit in a wiring harness. There are definite steps to be taken: (1) investigate the problem; (2) develop a treatent plan; (3) carry it out; (4) check that the problem is fixed; (5) take steps to prevent it from happening again.

Some patients present with problems that are mysterious and take a great deal of exploration, but most peoples' problems are well-studied and understood. Reliable treatment methods are well-known. I stress education and homework more than emotional exploration and dramatic retellings of life history.

This affects how I relate to patients. I treat people as equal human beings, not as cases. I look at myself as a tradesman with specific knowledge and skills for getting the job done. I try to be as transparent as possible. You should always know what I'm thinking, what my plan is, and why I believe it will help.

I am very research and science oriented. I try to keep up with the latest research findings in cognitive neuroscience. We are living in the golden age of neuroscience. We know a great deal about the biological basis of much behavior. Most ways of conducting therapy seem like medieval medicine to me.

I can relate to male patients from my own experience as a man. I understand the pressures men face as they try to balance traditional expectations at work and in the family with modern realities. Our whole concept of what it means to be a man (or a woman) is changing, and that can make life difficult. I also treat sexual issues as just another part of life, whether you are straight, gay, bisexual, or otherwise. I try to create an environment where we can talk without fear of judgement or shame.

I won't claim that my approach to therapy is better for everyone, but it may be better for you. That applies whether you are male or female, straight or gay, conservative or not. It all depends on your needs as an individual.

I want my clients to make informed choices.

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